Luigi Carbone

MEDREG VP & OECD\NER Chair & AEEGSI Commissioner (Italy)

Luigi Carbone is a Divisional President of The Supreme Administrative Court of Italy (Consiglio di Stato). In February 2011 he was appointed for seven years as a Commissioner of the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water. In most of his activities, at the national and international level, he has dealt with the topic of regulatory reform. Among his other jobs, he has been Deputy Secretary General of the Italian Prime Minister, Executive Chair of the Regulatory Simplification Unit of the Italian Prime Minister's Office, member of a high-level group of independent experts for regulatory and administrative simplification set up by Confindustria, the main Italian Business Association. Between his other scientific activities, he is lecturer in the Italian (SNA) and the French (ENA) public training institutes, as well as in several Italian Universities and in private institutes. At international level, he is actually Chair of the recently established Network of Economic Regulators (NER) at the OECD, and Permanent Vice President of MEDREG - The Association of the Mediterranean Regulatory Authorities for energy Indipendent regulators. He represents Italy at the High Level Group on Better Regulation of the European Commission and has been member of the Bureau of the Regulatory Policy Committee at the OECD. Among others, he was the Italian member of the "Mandelkern Group on better regulation".