Hasan Koktas

Former President of EMRA

Hasan KÖKTAŞ was born in 1963 in the Town of Of in Tabzon. He graduated from the Department of Public Administration at Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at the Middle East Technical University. He started his professional career at banking sector in Turkish Is Bank. He held various positions at Family Finans Bank and Turkiye Finans Bank and assumed the member of Board of Directors of Vakifbank. He worked as General Director of Belko, a subsidiary of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality from 1994 to 1999. Hasan Koktas held the full-time office of Deputy President of Privatization Administration of Turkey since 2003. During this time, he was Acting President of ERDEMIR Board of Directors; President and Acting President of TUPRAS Board of Directors. He took active roles during his office at the Privatization Administration in privatization and initial public offering of largest companies of Turkey such as TUPRAS, ERDEMIR, Halkbank, Esgaz, Bursagaz, Ports and mines. Holder of certificates in "Governance Skills", "Understanding People and Art of Communication with People", "Emphatic Communication, Mentorship, and Leader Manager", Mr. Koktas attended numerous national and international meeting on energy. While working as Deputy President at the Privatization Administration in charge of oil, natural gas and electricity sectors, he was appointed as the President of Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey by the Decree Law published in the Official Gazette dated 4 January 2008 and he completed his term of office in early 2014. He currently does research in energy sector. Koktas speaks English and married with 3 children.