Garrett Blaney

Commissioner, CER

Garrett Blaney has been a member of the Commission since February 2010, and chairperson since February 2014. Garrett’s lead responsibilities with the Commission relate to Electricity Networks (Interconnection, Wind Connections), Wholesale (SEM/I-SEM), Generation (Conventional, Renewable, Licensing), Security of Supply and Internal Operations. He also leads international relations. Prior to working with the CER, Garrett had over twenty years of experience working in the energy industry. He was Strategic Development Director for Viridian Power and Energy where he was responsible for regulatory affairs for the group of companies. This role developed from his previous role with the company as commercial director for Huntstown Power, Ireland’s first independent power producer. Before joining Viridian he worked with ESB International in a number of positions including a sojourn of four years in Malaysia as Asian Regional Director. Garrett started his career with the Central Electricity Generating Board in the United Kingdom working on the development of a new nuclear power plant at Sizewell B in Suffolk after graduating in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast.