Cristina Vazquez

Former Chair of URSEA

Cristina Vázquez is in charge of the Administrative and Regulatory team of Ferrere Abogados. She has specialized in different aspects of it, for instance, telecommunications and energy regulation, use of water and power supply (electricity, hydrocarbons, gas networks, renewable energies, energetic efficiency). Additionally, she currently works in several departments such as public works and public-private partnerships; as well as in reform of the State and in regime of public functions and hirings. She has professional experience in competence and consumer protection, as well as in evaluation and accreditation in higher education. Moreover, her professional practice includes procedures development, regulatory projects redaction, hiring documents and organizational structures. In Uruguay, during three decades, she worked in leading positions in the public service. She was an advisor in the Ministry of Transport and Public Works; in the National Institute of Agricultural Research: in the National Program of Red Tape Reduction; in the Program of Social Investment; and in the Presidency of the Republic. Later she worked as the director of the Electrical Power Regulating Unit and director of the Water and Power Supply Regulating Unit (URSEA). She was the president of said entity for five years before joining Ferrere. She teaches Public Law in the University of the Republic (Uruguay) and she has been a professor for 30 years; she is the Director of the Master of Economic Administrative Law in the University of Montevideo, and teaches in the Master's degree course on Politics and Public Management of the National Office of Public Service. She has written books and articles about topics of her specialty, and she is a member of the Editorial Committee of the Law and Courts Magazine. She studied law at the University of the Republic (Uruguay) and got her Lawyer's degree in 1982. She obtained a Master’s degree in Scienza della Legislazione e Governance Politica (Science of Legislation and Governance) (University of Pisa - Italy). She has a postgraduate degree in Utility Regulation and Strategy (University of Florida, USA), Management of Renewable Energies and Petrol Sector (CEDDET, Spain), and Competence Protection (Commission for Protection of Competition, Spain).