Klaus-Dieter Borchardt

Director at the European Commission's Directorate B on the Internal Energy Market

Born in Greifswald, Germany, on 15 September 1955; married, two children Studies in Law at the University of Hamburg and the Free University of Berlin (1974-1979); Doctorate as Dr. jur. in June 1985 at the Free University of Berlin, Doctor thesis rewarded with the “Ernst-Reuter-Price”. Since 1987 Civil servant at the European Commission, Brussels 1987-1989: Member of the Commission’s Directorate General “Employment, Social Affairs and Education” 1989-1990: Member of the Commission’s Legal Service, Department of Agriculture 1990-1994: Member of the Cabinet of the German Judge at the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg 1994-2001: Chief Administrator at the Commission’s Legal Service, 2001-2004: Head of the Legal Department of Commission’s Directorate General “Agriculture”, 2004-2008: Deputy Head of Cabinet in the Cabinet of Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel (Agriculture and Rural Development), 2008-2010: Head of Cabinet in the Cabinet of Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel (Agriculture and Rural Development) 1.3.2010-15.3.2012: Director for Direct Support, Market Management, Cross Compliance and Promotion 16.3.2012-31.03.2013: Director for International affairs I. Since 1 April 2013 Director of Directorate B in the General Directorate for Energy responsible for internal energy market. Teaching Professor at the Faculty of Law at the Bavarian Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg, Germany (since 2001) and Guest Professor at the University of Vienna (since 2007) Numerous publications in the field of EU-Law.