6th WFER SCHEDULE/ May 25-28, 2015 Istanbul


Welcoming Cocktail (Halic Congress Centre)


Opening Remarks

Mustafa Yilmaz – EMRA President & 6th Forum Chairman John Mogg – CEER & ICER Chairman Taner Yildiz – Minister for Energy & Natural Resources of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan – President of Republic of Turkey

Hall: Anadolu Auditorium

Coffee Break (Sponsored by EDISON ELECTRIC)

Plenary I: Balancing Stakeholders' Interests

Policies for mitigating problems stemming from differences in levels of development; trade-offs between investors' and consumers' interests; and the role which regulators can play in balancing interests of stakeholders.

Lunch (Sponsored by ENGIE)

Concurrent Session Ia: Encouraging innovations in the energy markets

Role of R&D and innovation in maintaining dynamism in markets and regulations.

Concurrent Session Ib: Tools to empower consumers

Role of consumers in efficient market functioning; ways of protecting consumers; tools used for increasing awareness of consumers; tariff setting process and consumer interaction; supply of last resort modalities; approaches for putting the consumer first; expectations of and from consumers.

Concurrent Session Ic: Coordination of policy, law & regulations

Share of responsibilities among ministries and regulators; how shifts in energy policy may affect regulators and how regulators can answer; ways of communicating with politicians; lessons to be learned from different perspectives; role of regulator in developing energy policy.

Coffee Break (Sponsored by RWE)

Concurrent Session IIa: Regulatory impact assessment

RIA in tackling with the complexities of regulatory world; role of RIA in improving regulation quality and credibility of regulators.

Concurrent Session IIb: Integrating energy networks

Technical boundaries of network integration; role of integrated networks in market development and SoS; approaches in management of integrated networks.

Concurrent Session IIc: Universal energy access

Differentiations in access regimes; baseline for universal access; acceptance of public service obligations by utilities and consumers; connections at rural areas.


Plenary II: Benefitting from Change

Challenges and opportunities arising from political context change and rapid technological development; role of innovations in enhancing regulatory practices.

Coffee Break (Sponsored by VEPSAŞ VAN GÖLÜ)

Concurrent Session IIIa: Smart grids & systems

New techniques of smart systems; level of development in deployment of smart systems; challenges faced; assessment of results achieved and lessons learned.

Concurrent Session IIIb: Improving investment environment

Investment requirement; relation between regulatory quality, market design and promotion of investments; how to secure investments; how to encourage flow of investments in less developed areas; expectations of finance institutions; factors affecting investment decisions.

Concurrent Session IIIc: Role of regulator in security of supply

Regulatory tools affecting SoS; changing dynamics of SoS; elements of SoS that regulators be cognizant of; role of market monitoring in SoS; assessment of long term planning on SoS.

Lunch (Sponsored by BORUSAN ENBW)

Plenary III: Regulation & Sustainability

Effects of change in fuel mix on energy markets and policies; options and tools to be considered in tackling with climate change; approaches and alternatives in securing the supply and the role of regulators in this process in particular with respect to monitoring.

Coffee Break (Sponsored by SHELL COMPANY OF TURKEY)

Concurrent Session IVa: Renewable energy + climate change + water management/regulation

Effects of renewables on networks, markets, and regulations; incentives for further deployment of renewables; roles of regulators in combating climate change and higher penetration of renewables; threats to access clean water and its implications on energy markets.

Concurrent Session IVb: Regional market integration

Level of achievements in regional market integration; SWOT on market integration; comparison of ordinary energy trade and trading in a regional market.

Concurrent Session IVc: Future role of Distribution Companies

Role the distribution companies gain with deployment of smart systems; data management and security problematic.

Gala Dinner (Sponsored by TÜPRAŞ – OPET – AYGAZ)

Ciragan Palace


Special Plenary: Regulation in Developing Countries

Discussions on relationship between security of supply, sustainability and regulation which can be adapted to requirements of emerging economies and developing countries; state of play for regulatory environment and investment environment in developing countries.

Coffee Break (sponsored by ENERYA)

Concurrent Session Va: Regulatory rules: Transparency, accountability, credibility, etc.

Transparency rules; threats to accountability and credibility; how regulators can improve their accountability and credibility; lessons can be learned.

Concurrent Session Vb: Impact of fuel mix change on markets

Future of nuclear; effects of unconventional oil and gas on markets and trade patterns; finding a balance between higher deployment of renewables and reliability of transmission systems; interactions between different fuels.

Concurrent Session Vc: Capacity building

Interaction of regulators in human resource development; WIE; how to attract talented workforce to energy regulators.

Lunch (Supported by GO15)

Special Plenary: G20

Policies and visions of developed countries regarding energy and energy regulation; studies on energy access carried out by G20

Concurrent Session VIa: Role of efficient market monitoring

Role of market monitoring in creating and maintaining competitive and efficient energy markets; which data is relevant or essential and which methodologies should be developed for efficient market monitoring.

Concurrent Session VIc: Demand-side impact on energy markets

Effects of opening of markets to retail competition; demand side management approaches and pros and cons of DSM measures on operation of grids and markets.

Coffee Break (Sponsored by APLUS)

Plenary Session IV: Towards Smart Regulation

How to improve regulations for tackling with the deepening complexities; convergence of coherence of policies, regulations and standards needed for further integration of markets; interaction of policies and regulations as well as policymakers and regulators; capacity building requirements of regulators; practices those can be learned.

Closing Remarks

Farewell Reception (ICEC)

ICEC Rumeli Terrace

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