Regulating and auditing for delivery of energy at good quality, continuously, economically and environment.


Creating value with regulating principles for establishing competitive and transparent energy markets.

The state structure in Turkey, which is withdrawing itself from the market as an investor except extraordinary circumstances, has reorganized itself as far as the energy sector is concerned such that the Energy Market Regulatory Authority was established in 2001 in order to perform the regulatory and supervisory functions in the energy markets. The fundamental objective of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority is set forth in its founding document as to ensure the development of financially sound and transparent energy markets operating in a competitive environment and the delivery of sufficient, good quality, low cost and environment-friendly energy to consumers and to ensure the autonomous regulation and supervision of electricity, natural gas, downstream petroleum and LPG markets.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority is a public corporation with administrative and financial autonomy. As an independent regulator in terms of decision making which is guaranteed by the primary law, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority is endowed with regulatory functions such as licensing to transcribe the entries and exits to the market; regulating the market to assure non-discriminatory third party access to the monopolistic infrastructures such as grids; ratemaking to inhibit monopoly rents; and supervising and penalizing (if necessary) to make sure that the market participants are in compliance with the rules and regulations.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority is governed by a board composed of 9 members who are appointed by Council of Ministers for a term of 6 years. The Board Members cannot be taken from offices before the end of their terms of office unless special conditions realized such as conviction of breaching the prohibitions of the law or of crimes offended in relation with their assigned duties etc.

Another important aspect with regard to independent decision making is the full authority on budgetary issues. The Energy Market Regulatory Authority has its own budget, independent from any other governmental institution. Her annual budget is about 60 million USD, where income is supplied by license fees.

The Chairman of the Board is also the President of the Authority. The organization and coordination among the Board Members and the service units are performed by the President. The President is responsible for the enforcement and the execution of the Board decisions and representation of the Board. All the decisions of the Authority except for the powers entitled to the staff by the President are taken by the Board.

The service units of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority consist of main, advisory and auxiliary units organized as departments. The duties and responsibilities of the service units are set forth in a special regulation that is going to be substituted with a primary law which will definitely increase autonomy of the Authority.

The premises of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority is located in Ankara. The building is 26 460 square meters and has 25 storey, equipped with high level IT technology.

The permanent and main functions required for the Authority's services are performed by contracted staff employed through administrative service contracts. The Energy Market Regulatory Authority is now employing 470 staff where one third is female.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority is actively participating to international activities. The Authority is a member of both Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) and Association of the Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas (MEDREG).